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June 5, 2020

I saw myself dying: Coronavirus survivor narrates ordeal

A coronavirus survivor Fred Drah has shared a disheartening story, describing his recovery as the intervention of God despite going through very challenging moments.

Mr. Drah was among the first persons in Ghana to have contracted the novel coronavirus after picking his client and friend who is domiciled in South Korea and believed to be carrying the disease in his car for some errands.

According to him, he was the first COVID-19 patient to have used the Ga East Hospital.

Narrating his ordeal, he said “Within myself I saw myself dying, but I went to this big room and the only thing I heard was that I was locked from the back of the building so that I couldn’t go out. What I realized was that they [doctors & nurse] were talking about physical distance but this physical distance I know that the nurses and doctors they were also scared because this was the very first case.”

“This physical distance was very big, all I can hear is that a nurse came to me and said Mr. Drah if you need anything these are the three numbers you can call. All of them were scared, they don’t get closer to me because I was the first COVID patient to enter into the Ga East Hospital”, he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Drah pointed out that “I did not even eat, they gave me food and I did not even eat. In fact, I just thank God that I’m a member of the Assembly of God Church, and I’m a Sunday School Superintendent…when I was going I carried my bible and Sunday school book along. In fact, I thank God that day the empowerment of the holy spirit because I could remember the place was hot because it was a new facility, I could remember that night I prayed and the Holy Spirit empowered me, the fear that gripped me at the initial stages just left away.”

With regard to regular communication with the family, he said for three days he had not spoken with the family. Asked why, he said “that particular time it was between him and God so I had to do something about it.” He however commended his wife whom described as prayerful.

He mentioned further that he was not given any medicine during the initial stages.

“The only thing they gave me that day was a thermometer, there are times they will not even get closer to me, so I will take the pressure and temperature gauge, use it and they will call me and I will mention the number for them.

“Even for my food, they put it on the trolley and they will push it and call me Mr. Drah your food is ready; I will not see the one who even brought me my food, and the place was very big, you will not see anybody passing by. The whole thing was boring, you can go out and that is another way that I see the hand of God that if you are able to go out, free movement you have to lift your hands and thank God.”

He said a gentleman who was brought in the sixth day could not survive because he was very sick. The gentleman was domiciled in the UK and used the opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians to refrain from stigmatization so the nation can fight the COVID-19 disease.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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