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Minister arrests fake recruitment officer in Parliament

A man has been arrested for swindling several people under the pretext of recruiting them into various security agencies on behalf of the Minister of State at the Office of the Vice President, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar.

The man, who may be in his 50s and claims to be a Special Assistant to the Minister, has managed to defraud many interested youth of huge sums of monies.

His luck, however, ran out when he travelled to Accra from Kumasi under the pretext of following up on the process when his `clients` mounted pressure on him.

The man who gave his name as Hamza had cloned the Minister’s picture and using a fake voice on his cell phone as that of the Minister to conduct his trade.

He has successfully collected about GH¢4,000 from his unsuspecting victims.

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Hamza had gone to the Minister’s home in Accra where he said he has his permission to carry out his trade.

Dissatisfied with the claim, Mr. Boniface’s relatives dragged him to Parliament to meet the Minister.

He claimed he has been talking with the Minister the entire time and had recorded the voice on his phone.

He was made to play the voice, which turned out to be that of another person. When this was pointed out to him, he said he got confused.

The Minister in response to the incident stated that Hamza was probably involved with others and using a Momo account registered to one Desmond Baffour.

According to him, this is not the first time some persons have been arrested using his name for fraud.

He disclosed that not long ago, a student who approached him for support to pursue higher education took the opportunity to his name to steal and defraud other students on campus.

“We ministers are very vulnerable to such scams. Some of us with vulnerable backgrounds try to help because we think we are here to support and reduce their vulnerability but end up victims rather.”

“Look at the distance between Accra and Kumasi. I am here and he brought himself,” he said.

According to him, every MP has had his picture cloned at one time or the other because they are public assets and people always want to take photographs with them.

“The quickest way to dupe others for these scammers is to display photographs of the minister with them. This is not the best,” he said.

Hamza was eventually handed over to the Parliament Police who transferred him to the Ministries police to be investigated and prosecuted.

Source: Frontpageghana.com/Ghana

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