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Liberia: Veep in resignation battle with ‘President’s men’

The Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor, has insisted she has no intention of resigning despite alleged subtle attempts to boot her out by people surrounding the President.

According to her, she remains focused on fulfilling the mandate given the government of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change during the 2017 presidential elections.

The Vice President, who spoke in an exclusive interview with FrontPageAfrica, acknowledged entertaining the idea of resigning her position but stressed the people of Liberian still expect what she promised to support the President to deliver.

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She said, “I am not a quitter; and will not squander the votes of the millions of people who voted me also into office.”

“I too had the rare privilege to have been elected by the people of Liberia in 2017 and not just partisans of the CDC.”

“I now belong to the State, whose trust I must bear until the end of this mandate. It is often said that tough times don’t last, only tough people do – and there’s certainly a silver lining beyond the clouds.”

According to her, she sometimes wonders if she made the right choice but stressed judging by the team that President George Weah put together and the victory at the election, it was something good.

She appealed to the President and his inner circle to revisit the formula that led to the 2017 presidential elections victory.

“If we didn’t have a good team, we probably would not have won the elections. Because it’s good to jump around and do the songs but the strategies are important.”

“So, I know that there is a beautiful coalition team that has the expertise of many persons, which we need to bring to bear.”

“I pray that year number three going on, we won’t have any regrets and that there would be an opportunity to fully engage.”

Vice President Howard-Taylor noted that she does not have any problem with President Weah and holds no bitterness or ill-feelings against him.

“We’ve never argued; we’ve never gone at each other, word for word or engage in a war-of-words.”

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“We’ve never had a negative, you know, embrace and he would say, “I don’t have an issue with her,” but people then say what’s the problem,” she stated.

She acknowledged there are issues between some ministers of the government and her but stressed she has done her best to continue to work through the difficulty.

According to her, she felt disrespected and even ignored sometimes but stressed she has been patient to continue to work through the difficulty.

President Weah, she said, is doing his best to deliver to the Liberian people and therefore needs the support of all his officers.

“I know he’s trying to accomplish a job and those of us who are around him must sometimes put aside our personal issues and join that work,” the Vice President said.

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