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September 20, 2020
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Parliament endorses astro turf parks as panacea to sports under development in the country

Parliament has thrown its weight behind the construction of artificial turfs in the country.
According to the Member of Parliament for Nsawam-Adoagyiri, Frank Annoh-Dompreh such parks when dotted across the country, will serve as a panacea to sports under development in the country.
“In recent times, Ghana appears to be struggling to maintain a success story in football and even many others believe all hope is lost. This has come as a result of the country’s inadequate performances in international tournaments and he reckons it is important to tackle fundamental issues that have brought us to this fate,” he lamented.
He also identified some of the impediments in the way of developing the sporting industry in the country and how inadequate infrastructure is affecting the quality of players of the various football teams in the country.
“As far back as I can recall playing football on the street was common and there is a high possibility that many of Ghanaian football legends started out this way. Even though this practice is common we cannot hide the fact that playing on the street is actually dangerous. In effect, it bores down to the availability of football parks or pitches that meet standards of safety and convenience. Our youth make use of undeveloped football pitches, popularly referred to as ‘Sakora’ parks……. Considering the advanced nature of the sport today in all its technicalities, it is unfitting for Ghanaians to continue to play on ‘sakora’ parks and expect world class talents which would sufficiently compensate inefficiencies in Ghana’s football performances.”
The MP who also doubles as the Chairman of Parlaiment’s Foreign Affairs Committee charged corporate bodies to channel a portion of their corporate social responsibility budget into the development of sports in order to hone football talents and return the country to its glorious days.
“Let me take this opportunity to urge corporate bodies to consider as a matter of priority, to help in developing football talents as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I believe this will restore the glory of our dear country Ghana in football. Again, we expect the GFA President and his team to run the association more professionally which will establish the basis for more support from corporate bodies” he said.
Presenting a statement on the floor of the House today, December 4, on the need to ‘Enhance the Discovery of Football Talents in Ghana’ Mr Annoh-Dompreh indicated how inadequate infrastructure has led to the dwindling fortunes of sports and football as a whole.
Throwing his weight behind the construction of Artifical turfs by Wembley Sports Complex owned by a native of the country, Robert Coleman, Mr Annoh-Dompreh rallied the citizenry to support the vision of developing sakora parks into worlkd class stadia.

“Honorable Members and fellow Ghanaians at all levels should support the conscious effort to produce quality artificial football parks in strategic areas across the nation which will in turn promote the quality of football especially being played at district level, up to national level.”
Already, he has contracted Wembley Sports Complex to develop three astro turf pitches in his constituency to help promote football and also serve as other recreational facility.
Among some of the benefits of the artificial football parks, includes, an elimination of the frequent blockade roads during funerals as provision of such artificial turfs will lead to such spaces being rented out.
It is also a common practice of institutions to organize health walks and related events and this will be aided with the availability of sporting grounds to also prevent people from using the roads at dawn in most cases, without reflectors.
These parks help reduce social vices the youth are prone to when they have no place to engage in recreational activities.
He also urged the NPP government to pursue the “One Constituency, One Artificial Football Park” to accelerate development of sports in the country and commended some corporate organisations who have begun replicating the construction of such sporting facilities.

By: Ekow Annan/frontpagegh

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