Fiifi Banson killed my love for music – Sony Achiba

This discouraged him to leave the music scene in Ghana to settle in the United Kingdom.

Speaking on Accra-based Onua 95.1 FM’s Anigye Mmre, Sony Achiba said, “Money was a problem for me as at that time. I pushed all the money I have into the production of the song ‘Wo Ne Me Dofo’. I went to Peace FM, gave the song to Mufty Dabre of blessed memory, DJ Billy Ocean but Fiifi Banson refused to take the CD because I couldn’t give him money”.

“I was listening to their radio station when I heard Billy Ocean play the song when he was about to sign off for Fiifi Banson to take over the drive time program, then Fiifi Banson told Billy Ocean live on air that why is he playing such a ‘foolish’ song.”

“Fiifi Banson, then, was untouchable,” he said.

“A lot of people started calling me. My fans at Nima told me I should allow them to teach him a lesson but I told them to be patient. I went to Peace FM to meet Fada Dickson [and] told him I want to see Dr. Osei Kwame Despite. I just wanted to speak to them about how Fiifi Banson wants to destroy my product.

“It’s my product if you don’t like don’t play my song. A DJ is playing the song, all you could say is the song is ‘foolish’. It’s an insult to the DJ who was playing the song that time. Does Fiifi Banson tell what is a good song, has he written a song before, has he been to the music recording to record a music before?

“In fact his comment broke me down. I lost interest in music completely. 2004 I left the country. that time he was powerful, so if you speak against him colleague DJs will fight you.

“When I released ‘Gyammere Wo Yare’, we gave him money,” he said.

“If I had added money in a brown envelope to the CD I’m not sure Fiifi Banson will speak the way he spoke about my song.”

Sony Achiba’s career in the entertainment industry started with dancing for Tommy Wiredu, Rex Omar, George Jahraa, Nana Tuffour and others.

Later in 2000, he decided to come out with his own album and with his own genre HIP-DIA a combination Hip-Hop, Hi-Life and India rythms.

But he blames Fiifi Banson for his loss of interest in music.

“If I had met Fiifi Banson when I went to Peace FM, I’m sure by now I would be in jail. I was very angry. His comments made me lose interest in music. I spent all my money on that album because of his comments I left to UK when the opportunity came and I abandoned my music career.”


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